Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Wolvesmouth: Epic 40 Course Meal


  • Pinoy Panda turns 40 and we embark on a 40 course meal @ Wolvesmouth
  • Hundreds of Tweets during the meal with the hash tag #Epic40at40
  • 5+ hour meal
  • Epic food
  • Lots of booze (Photo tip:  Alcohol impairs your ability to focus but enhances creativity)
  • You can view the complete album of my Flickr and has higher-res photos

If you didn’t know:

"it’s not a restaurant. it’s a dinner party. it’s the intersection between food, music and art. it’s an exploration in social dynamics. it’s friends, old and new. it’s fleeting and always changing. no menus. no dress code. no pretense.

it’s dining in its most raw form: people food and open minds…”

- Wolvesmouth.com

Q:  Did you know that Friday is casual sexy day?

A:  I do now.

1) caesar. brioche purée. braised baby gem lettuce. brioche.

2) 85-day strip loin. shallot jam. pink lady apples. horseradish.

3) scallop. vinegar. mango. purple cauliflower.

4) slow cooked carrot. lime, sheep’s milk cheese. chicory-malt. carrot top.

5) uni tart. ginger. lime. uni sauce.

6) mandarin concentrate. mandarin gelée.

7) cornbread soup. kale. honey. lime, bacon.

8) fried green tomato. tabasco aioli.

9) pork belly. balsamic boston baked black-eyed peas. smoked tomato.

10) pimento cheese. corn fritter.

11) banana pudding. fruit salad. poprocks.

12) date. marcona. serrano. cheese. piquillo. sherry vinegar.

13) kohlrabi. caramelized onion. thyme. mascarpone.

14) duck breast. brussels sprouts. duck skin. duck sauce.

15) candy cap consommé.

16) sweetbreads. lingonberry. potato purée. dill.

17) pine soda. chanterelle.

18) squab. maple jus. jerusalem artichoke. chestnut.

19) fresh fig. poached fig. hazelnut. roaring forties blue.

20) toasted marshmallow. panna cotta. brown butter. rice krispie.

21) butternut squash. goat cheese. cookies. reduced apple cider.

22) seared roman gnocchi. pesto.

23) beet. morbier. green apple.

24) chicken liver mousse. pickled pear. watermelon radish, brioche. fleur de sel.

25) cashew cheese. broccoli.

26) manila clam chowder. potato. crème fraîche. chive. bacon.

27) dungeness crabs salad. toast. pickled cherry bomb chile. sour cream. lime juice.

28) rabbit. grape. hibiscus. red onion. cotija. jalapeño. cilantro.

29) pork belly part 2. filipino garlic nuts. two-month pickled papaya. pickling liquid.

30) duck leg. green apple. orange. black vinegar.

31) lobster. celery root remoulade. black sesame. cherry-white soy vinaigrette.

32) persimmon. wasabi peas.

33) yuzu curd. green tea. japanese black sugar. shortbread.

34) delicata squash. orange blossom. mint. yogurt.

35) yellow fin tuna. haricot vert. lorenzo #5 olive oil. 12-year balsamic.

36) fluke. spinach. vinaigrette. shallot. chive.

37) fried hobo fish. bacon. tartar sauce. tomato.

38) rabbit. mustard.

39) lime pudding. coconut sugar. pound cake. coconut-finger lime frosting.

40) tofu-doughnut mousse. roasted soy bean coffee.

Pinoy Panda - the birthday boy man chugging a 40 oz Olde English 800 courtesy of KevinEats.