Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Le Comptoir @ Tiara Cafe


  • Le Comptoir @ Tiara Cafe with Chef Gary Menes
  • Pop-up that was supposed to end last November
  • $52 5-course menu (supplements avail) and $24 for the wine pairing
  • I might eat less meat if all vegetables were this delicious
  • Complete set of this dinner on my Flickr

amuse - mushroom croquette

bread. awesome bread. addictive bread.

first course -  hudson valley foie gras terrine, dried cherry compote, saba ($18 suppl)

first course - okinawan sweet potato velouté, yogurt, green garlic, farinette, herbs

second course - sunny side-up egg, young lettuce, herbs, jus vert

second course - asperge vert et eouf sur la plat, reggiano, beurrre noissette, citron ($8 suppl)

third course - tagliolini with black spring truffles ($20 suppl)

third course - "veggie plate", squash, carrots, pickled onion petals, turnips, kohlrabi, pears, tangerine, fava beans, ramps, celery, fiddlehead fern, grapes, tomato, potato, cauliflower

fourth course - "poitrine de porc", slow braised heritage pork belly, wheat berries, apples, white wine braised leeks, chicory blueberry relish ($8 suppl)

fourth course - english peas, sugar snaps, hearts of romaine, pea tendrils, stone ground grits, spring onions, jus, truffle froth

fifth course - pound cake, orange, chocolate, sour cream, almonds, graham cracker

fifth course - cheese plate: cheddar, blue, nuvola di pecora ($12 suppl)


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